Yul Edochie Jams To Daddy Lumba’s Yentie Obiaa, Begs Ghanaians To Explain Twi Lyrics To Him

Yul Edochie, in a video, enjoyed Daddy Lumba’s Yentie Obiaa song and begged Ghanaians to explain the Twi lyrics to him after sharing the footage on TikTok Many Ghanaians were happy to see the Nigerian ace actor jamming to the iconic Ghanaian tune and broke down the lyrics to him Daddy Lumba’s tune advice individuals to prioritize their personal well-being and try as much as possible.

Nigerian actor Yul Edochie has shown his love for Ghanaian music by sharing a video of himself enjoying Daddy Lumba’s hit song Yentie Obiaa on TikTok.

The Nollywood star, who is the son of veteran actor Pete Edochie, was seen nodding his head and singing along to the catchy tune in his car.

However, he admitted that he did not understand the meaning of the Twi lyrics and begged his Ghanaian fans to explain them to him.

The video, which has gone viral on social media, has attracted many comments from Ghanaians who were delighted to see the actor appreciating their culture and music. Some of them also obliged his request and broke down the lyrics for him. Yentie Obiaa, which means “we don’t listen to anyone”, is a popular song by Daddy Lumba, one of Ghana’s most celebrated highlife musicians. The song, which was released in 2014, advises individuals to prioritize their well-being and try as much as possible to ignore naysayers. The song has become an anthem for many Ghanaians who use it to express their independence and confidence to ignore skeptics.

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