Why I am a bigger actor than Zubby Michael – Timini Egbuson (Video)

Why I am a bigger actor than Zubby Michael – Timini Egbuson (Video).

Popular Nollywood movie star, Timini Egbuson has revealed why he considered himself a bigger actor than his colleague, Zubby Michael.

The 36-year-old Timini Egbuson revealed during his recent interview with Cool FM, stating that he has more blockbuster movies than Zubby

It all started when the pair engaged in a heated debate on the top actor in Africa in the first episode of the Prime Video original reality show, ‘Ebuka Turns Up Africa.’

While handing gifts to fellow stars of the show, Egbuson bragged about being the biggest actor out of Africa, which didn’t sit well with his colleague, Michael.

Zubby claimed that he can buy the whole of Timini, sparking widespread reactions online.

Timini is undoubtedly one of the popular Nollywood actors in film industry. He is known for his explicit roles in top-grossing movie, ‘A tribe called Judah‘, Tinsel, Breaded life, Hey you, superstar and lots more

In the recent interview, Timini asserted that he has more relevancy and consistent in the movie industry statistically.

Stating that he has many box office movies, he revealed that he is the biggest actor than everybody else in the Nollywood industry.

In his words, “If you watch the show right, I was not talking about Zubby, I consider myself the biggest actor every day. It was not about Zubby, I’m the biggest actor in Africa”.

“Statistically speaking, in terms of quality of movies that we shoot, the range of movies that we shoot, the number of movies that we shot, the box office movies, popularity among industry peers, years of relevant and years of consistency, there is no way Zubby will score higher than me”.


Watch the video below:


His revelation sparked reactions online as social media users shared their thoughts on comment section.


Some reactions are shown below:


lois_juliak said, “Zubby is more popular than you give him his respect when did you start acting?”


amaa.girl said, “Zubby never took it personal, you did bro u must have degree in lying lol”.


mz_paulagold said, “He thinks or he is actually big”.


chonsautos said, “You wey they act film for woman ??You started watching zubi when you where 17”.


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