“Why don’t you reciprocate the good things” – VJ Adams queries ‘energy matchers’

“Why don’t you reciprocate the good things” – VJ Adams queries ‘energy matchers,

Media personality, VJ Adams addresses people who only match negative energy from people and ignores the positive energies they get.

The famous TV host posted a video to his Instagram page in which he poses questions to those who choose to match the energy they receive but choose not to do so in return for favors from others.

According to him, when someone gives them a gift or plunge them into opportunities, they don’t reciprocate; instead, they just match energy with foolishness.

Check out netizens reactions…

mrlilgaga said: “They never match energy to great things . Awon apoda”


bobbyk.ng stated: “Na bad energy den get na why 🤣😂🤣they are unproductive in terms of good quality 😂🤣😂”


sheddyoflagos noted: “We are triggered by the negative comments but ignore the positive ones”


shantelbaby_ wrote: “Nah only for bad thing una dey match energy 😂”


chroniclesofcherrie penned: “That’s absolutely true! It’s important to match energies on all levels, especially for good vibes.”





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