Una Dey Kill Innocent Lives”: Angela Okorie Drags Zubby Michael and Others, Makes Grave Accusations

Nigerian actress Angela Okorie took netizens by storm with her recent allegations against her colleagues in the movie industry Unfortunately, actor Zubby Michael topped the list as the mother of one narrated ways he allegedly attacked her Angela went on to reveal that, just like Zubby, a lot of her Nollywood colleagues were involved in witchcraft activities.

Nigerian actress Angela Okorie shook up social media with allegations levelled at her colleague Zubby Michael.

A recent Instagram live video by the Nollywood starlet saw her unleash a deluge of complaints directed squarely at her industry colleagues.

She started by naming names, and Zubby Michael was first on the list. The vibrant actor was accused of using his status and fortune to oppress and abuse those below him.

In addition to recounting and expressing her sadness about an occasion in which he openly criticised her on Instagram for her choices in her music career, Angela also claimed that he was involved in witchcraft rituals.

She said Zubby is part of an industry clique plotting against her and that she is wealthier than him in every way imaginable. Without holding back, she announced on social media that she had decided to sever relations with most of her colleagues because of their alleged betrayal. The actress went on to say that some Nollywood stars pay internet trolls to harass and abuse her online. She made it clear that she would always come for anyone who targets her.

The Nollywood actress previously accused her personal assistant, Leornard, among others, of using her son for dubious purposes. Angela said a number of individuals, including her aide, have been using her son as a means of extortion.

Angela threatened to arrest the young man and his accomplice, DJ Pretty, whom she believed was working with him to assault her 12-year-old son. Angela Okorie tells Nollywood actresses to stop snatching people’s husbands The screen diva made a public plea to her female colleagues about the pandemic of snatching husbands. She noted that it had become the norm for actresses to be interested in married men. Angela pointed out that most do it to spite their fellow ladies, and at the end of the day, they go on to dent the image of other colleagues with various allegations.

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