“This is great” – Trending video of Late Herbert Wigwe Newly built Ikoyi residence worth N30billion (Watch)

“This is great” – Trending video of Late Herbert Wigwe Newly built Ikoyi residence worth N30billion (Watch).

The unexpected demise of Herbert Wigwe, one of Nigeria’s leading bankers and CEO, in a plane crash in the United States of America, has triggered profound emotions across social media platforms.

Several days following his passing, a video showcasing Herbert Wigwe’s lavish multi-billion naira residence in Lagos surfaced on social media, stirring significant discussion among users.

The viral footage comprises a three-minute tour video showcasing both the exterior and interior of the 20-bedroom mansion located in Lagos.

Herbert Wigwe’s Ikoyi mansion sprawls across 23,000 square meters of land, equivalent to the land area occupied by the Ikeja City Mall.

As per reports from the engineering firm Craneburg, tasked with constructing the structure, Herbert Wigwe’s mansion took them 22 months to complete.

Sources indicate that Wigwe moved into the residence late last year, intending it to be his retirement haven among his various luxury properties scattered throughout Lagos.

In a brief conversation with renowned Twitter real estate expert Suraj Oyewole, also known as Sir Jarus, it was highlighted that infrastructure of such magnitude would likely incur costs ranging from $15 to $20 million.

Watch the video below;


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cosmur__odewo: Lesson for the rich , vanity . And people are suffering in Nigeria 🇳🇬 can’t feed can’t pay school fees for their kids. Trust me if he had channels all this money and energy in helping the poor. GOD would have spare his life . Vanity upon vanity.


hunkprince0147_: Stop this vanity BS. Man wrote his name in the sands of time. Make una die poor if na vanity. Rest on champ.


nikki_als: All is vanity. May their souls rest. 🙏 😢.


realadeyinkatolani: His children will enjoy it.


miyaskigram: I Dey see comments say vanity upon vanity, and na the same Bible say… A good man leaves an inheritance for his children’s children, he didn’t planned his death, may his soul rest in peace Amen 🙏.


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