They Are Lying to Us”: Blind Students’ Perfect ‘Twe Twe’ Dance Raises Doubts About Their Condition

A trending video of four blind students partaking in Kizz Daniel’s viral Twe Twe dance challenge has caught attention The students’ synchronised moves got netizens curious about how they were able to perfect it despite being blind Netizens stormed the comments section to air their views about the video with some expressing doubts.

Four blind students from the Bethesda School for the Blind have left netizens in awe with their breathtaking dance moves.

The blind students were seen in a video shared by @bethesdaschoolng on TikTok dancing to Kizz Daniel’s song ‘Twe Twe’.

They showed off so much zeal, energy and enthusiasm as they partook in the viral challenge.

Their synchronised and energetic dance steps however made people curious about how they were able to learn the moves despite being blind. Most ‘doubting Thomases’ reiterated that they were finding it hard to believe that the students, two boys and two pretty girls were blind.


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