Subtle Moves”: Moses Bliss’ Wife Displays Incredible Adowa Dance At Wedding, Clips Goes Viral

Nigerian gospel singer Moses Bliss’ beautiful Ghanaian wife, Marie Wiseborn, danced adowa majestically at their traditional wedding ceremony in Ghana on February 29, 2024 Videos show her looking radiant in her traditional kente attire as she danced with professional adowa dancers and her bridesmaids Many people talked about her natural beauty, while others complimented her angelic adowa moves .

Nigerian gospel singer, Moses Bliss’ ever-gorgeous Ghanaian wife, Marie Wiseborn, displayed incredible adowa dance moves at her traditional wedding which took place on Thursday, in Ghana.

Marie Wiseborn, wife of gospel singer, Moses Bliss had gone natural while wearing her traditional kente dress for her traditional wedding .

Moses Bliss’ wife dances adowa at wedding In several videos that have surfaced on social media, Marie Wiseborn’s wedding to Moses Bliss displayed rich Asante culture.

The bridesmaids were captured wearing kente cloth, which they secured with a scarf around their waist. They held green fans as they danced adowa with Marie Wiseborn dressed in kente cloth and gold ornaments. The bridesmaids cheered her on as she turned and made hand gestures and leg movements while dancing the traditional Asante dance. In another video, Marie was dressed in a corseted kente gown as she stepped out with two professional adowa dancers to meet the groom.

With a radiant smile, she danced majestically while her bridesmaids, clad in white, cheered her on while trailing behind her. Below is a lovely video of Marie Wiseborn slaying in a kente corset dress and dancing adowa .


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