Netizens in Stitches Over Adorable Girl’s Nails and Lashes at School in Viral TikTok Video

A young schoolgirl in South Africa has gone viral on TikTok for her creative paper eyelashes and nails The video shows the girl confidently batting her paper lashes and flexing her paper nails in class South African netizens found the video humorous and responded with jokes and questions about the teacher’s reaction .

A young schoolgirl had netizens amused after a video of her rocking paper lashes and nails went viral.

A TikTok video shared by @tshepang977 shows the creative girl confidently chilling in her seat at her desk as she bats her eyelashes and flexes her nails made from blue cardboard paper stuck onto her eyelids and nails .

The girl could be seen looking around the class before she blushed and looked away stylishly shyly after noticing she was being recorded.

Netizens reacts to video with humour Mzansi netizens responded to the video with banter and witty comments as they joked about the child’s self-made lashes and manicure, while some wondered if the teacher did anything to reprimand the girl.

A trending video of a pretty little girl rocking artificial eyelashes and nails had sparked uproar on social media.

In the viral video, the little girl arrived at her graduation party and sat together with her mates in school. Social media users had penned down their thoughts as some criticized the parents of the little girl. Little girl rocks fake eyelashes and nails Earlier, reported that a video of a little girl at what appears to be a graduation ceremony had gone viral on social media due to her appearance.

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