Na DNA sure pass”: Comic Peller shares who the real father of Carter Efe’s daughter is, clip trends

Nigerian comic Peller has sparked massive conversation on social media with his recent comments about Carter Efe’s daughter, Charis During a live session, Peller confronted his colleague Carter Efe, telling him to his face that his daughter looks a lot like Shank Comic He noted that Carter Efe needs to take his daughter for a DNA test because the girl looks nothing like him but a lot like their colleague Shank .

Fast-rising Nigerian TikTok star and comic Habeeb Hamzat, aka Peller, has sparked a massive conversation online with his recent comments about Carter Efe and his daughter.

In a viral clip making the rounds online, Peller alleged that his colleague’s daughter looks nothing like him, and the child seems more like Shank Comics.

Peller made the allegation during a Live session on TikTok with Carter Efe on the other side of the call.

The TikTok star noted to Carter Efe that he might have to take his daughter for a DNA test because he believes there are reasons why he should doubt his wife’s faithfulness.



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