Moses Bliss: 4 Videos Which Broke D Internet From Beautiful Traditional Ceremony Of Singer And Wife

Gospel singer Moses Bliss and his wife, Marie Wiseborn, tied the knot in a regal traditional wedding in Accra on Thursday, February 29 The occasion witnessed the presence of famous Nigerian figures like comedienne Real Warri Pikin and fashion designer Veeky James has compiled four videos from the beautiful occasion making the rounds on social media.

Nigerian gospel singer Moses Bliss and his Ghanaian-British wife, Marie Wiseborn, have tied the knot in a gorgeous customary wedding in Accra, Ghana.

The couple publicly got married in a civic ceremony last week

Moses Bliss’s wedding card was sighted online. The gospel singer was to get married traditionally on Thursday, February, 2024 in Ghana .

Popular Nigerian entertainers such as comedienne Real Warri Pikin and fashion designer Veekee James were present for the traditional ceremony.

Moses Bliss and Marie Wiseborn wore multiple outfits for their customary wedding and reception. The bride looked stunning in a modest blue traditional dress with pink details and kept her natural hair, while Moses Bliss rocked a traditional Nigerian outfit during the customary wedding. The pair rocked matching kente in one of the videos that captured their stunning lavish reception.

Moses Bliss, Marie Wiseborn filmed at wedding The moment Moses Bliss confirmed Marie Wiseborn as the actual bride during their traditional wedding.

Moses Bliss, bride show off dance moves Singer Moses Bliss and his significant partner express their love through dance at their traditional wedding.

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