Lookalike Man Behind Enioluwa’s Alleged Leaked Gay Tape Slams Nigerians: “Y’all Childish”

Hours after the alleged leaked gay video of Nigerian influencer Enioluwa made the rounds online, a man came forward to claim it The young man, identified as Bricks, stunned many with his degree of resemblance to the content creator as he spoke about the viral footage Speaking further, Bricks gave details about himself and his profession while he took a hot swipe at Nigerians .

The Nigerian X space (formerly known as Twitter) went haywire on the night of March 25 after a video of two men having sex leaked.

One of the men in the leaked footage has a similar resemblance to famous Nigerian influencer Enioluwa Adeoluwa.

The bedroom scene went viral on social media, bustling with heated debate about whether the young man was Eni.

Enioluwa’s lookalike speaks The young man, identified as Bricks, tackled Nigerians for perpetrating that one of the men in the leaked bedroom tape was Enioluwa. He went on to plead with internet users not to tarnish someone else’s image and owned up to the viral clip. Brick further revealed that he is an adult film star living in the US.

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