Lady Adorns Funny Dress At a Party, Dances Excitedly, Netizens React: “She’s Not Even Ashamed”

A lady wore a brown and silver dress that looked tacky on her and exposed her upper body parts The hands of her dress were big and looked like what was supposed to be across her shoulders but she kept them sideways She also tied a brown scarf, showed off some dance moves, and expressed excitement as she partied with other guests.

A lady Afolasade Samagbeyi took decency with a pinch of salt as she adorned a silver and brown dress that exposed her upper body parts.

She combined her outfit with a brown scarf, gold slippers, and silver earrings. The hands of her dress were placed sideways and it made her dress look funny.

Her stomach bulged in the dress as she danced excitedly with another guest at the party. She seemed not to care about how her chest area was on display as she was focused on having fun.


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