King of Style”: Swanky Jerry Adorns Creative Yellow Outfit, Looks Dazzling, Fans React

Fashion designer Swanky Jerry showed the stuff he was made of as he adorned a creative yellow dress In his usual style, his outfit revealed the extra detail he added to his work to give it a distinct look The hands of the attire were puffed up and it gave it a feminine vibe, his fans also sent him nice compliments for his look.

Popular Nigerian fashion designer Jeremiah Ogbodo, aka Swanky Jerry, definitely knows how to pull off a distinct look and he achieved it again in his yellow attire.

The celebrity stylist rocked a black shirt with a yellow top that resembled a hot air balloon. He also adorned yellow trousers with several inscriptions, including on the top.

Jeremiah wore black shoes and held a black purse before he posed for his photoshoot. He captioned the photos on his Instagram page:



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