Israel DMW Lay Curses on Estranged Wife, Shares Videos From Their Wedding With Davido Kneeling Down

Davido’s trusted aide, Israel DMW has made a post to curse his former wife, Sheila who deserted her matrimonial home In the post, he shared videos of Davido kneeling to ask for Shelia’s hand in marriage from her family while sharing more photos from the ceremony Israel DMW cursed Shelia and the man whom she might want to marry while noting that it was her mother who crashed their marriage .

Israel Afeare, aka, Israel DMW, one of the trusted aides of Afrobeat singer Davido is still grieving over his failed marriage to Sheila Courage.

Israel married his lovely wife and shared the post from the wedding ceremony in 2022. However, the union didn’t stand the test of time as Shelia later confirmed that they were no longer together .

In a new development, Davido’s logistic manager made a post where he shared a video of Davido kneeling to ask for Shelia’s hand in marriage during their ceremony. He also shared pictures from the ceremony and used them to curse her.

Israel DMW accuses mom inlaw In his post, he noted that his mother-in-law was the reason their marriage didn’t work, He added that she wanted to control him but he declined.

Afeare alleged that the woman said her daughter’s marriage was a means of getting rich quickly without caring about the safety and peace of mind of her daughter. Israel DMW also claimed that Shelia’s mother forcefully removed her daughter from a peaceful home and sent her to sit with a prostitute in Abuja.

Israel says parents regret some decisions In the lengthy write-up, Israel noted that a lot of parents regretted not giving their daughters to good and respected men like Regina Daniel’s husband.

According to him, many of them regret seeing the good lifestyle that Daniel is living right now as a result of her choice..

Israel DMW accuses his ex-wife.Israel DMW had noted that his former wife was a deceptive and ungrateful woman. Taking to Instagram , juju noted that he upgraded Sheila’s life after he expressed his interest in marrying her. He alleged that Sheila and her parents were gold diggers. He also added that Shelia accused him of being a slave to his boss, Davido.

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