“If it were a billionaire that said I wanted him, I wouldn’t argue; but not that broke guy” – Bobrisky drags Bello Kreb

“If it were a billionaire that said I wanted him, I wouldn’t argue; but not that broke guy” – Bobrisky drags Bello Kreb.

Popular crossdresser, Bobrisky leaks a surprising chat with popular comedian Bello Kreb after he claimed that Bobrisky tried to make a ‘move’ on him.

In a recent podcast, Bello Kreb had recounted his encounter with Bobrisky at an event.

According to him, the Lagos socialite had tried to make a move on him by displaying some behaviors he can’t really describe appropriately.

However, while at the event, he had made a video selfie with the crossdresser which went viral, because of that, Bobrisky had blocked him.


Check out video below …


Bobrisky has now come out with his own version of events.


The self-styled mummy of Lagos opined that Bello Kreb is trying to use his name to chase clout.

He noted that he and Bello haven’t corresponded since he blocked him on Instagram in 2017.


Bob alleged that he was asking for something, but cannot remember what exactly.


Furthermore, Bob noted that he wouldn’t have said anything if it were a billionaire that claimed that he tried to make a move on him, but he wouldn’t take such from a broke guy like Bello Kreb.


His words …

“My lawyer sent me dis stupid boy lie on one dea*d podcast and i was just laughing hard 🤣🤣🤣🤣. Your career is dead long time ago I’m sure that’s why you think you can use bob for CLOUT !!!! I’m happy he mentioned 2017. Guys dis is d last chat i can remember i had with that guy before blocking him . He has been in my block list since 2017. Those of you real followers will know my page has always been on private. Baba kept sending me request probably he was asking for something I can’t really remember.

If a billionaire dude say mummy of lagos want him honestly I’m never going to argue but a broke nigga like that one with beards like he goat 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 naaa. I’m too classy for that trash. POST &DELETE IN 1 HOUR 🤣”


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