I Love to Dress Simple”: Actress Evia Simon Shares Challenge With Asoebi Events, Other Issues

Actress Evia Simon has opened up on her displeasure about buying expensive asoebis and yet, she won’t get to enjoy the occasion In an interview with Legit.ng, she also shared how she likes to dress, admitting that she has a thing for English outfits She further revealed that she has never been a victim of ordering a particular design of a dress and getting something different .

Nollywood actress Evia Simon has shared that though she has no fashion influences, she likes to dress simply. Besides, she is not a fan of traditional attire.

Speaking in an interview, she also revealed that her most expensive asoebi was worth N100K, and she hasn’t had any disappointing moments with her tailor.

The role interpreter opened up on how she likes to dress, admitting her love for English attire.

I don’t have any fashion influences. I just put on what I want to wear. I prefer English outfits to native wear, and I like them simple.” She also lent her voice to the trend of high price of asoebi for events, and she revealed the highest amount she has spent on the matching material. “In recent times, I have not bought asoebi but during the times I bought asoebi, it was annoying. One will buy expensive asoebi, spend money on traveling down for the event, and even book a hotel, and one will hear that the wedding was already over. My most expensive expensive asoebi is N100k.”

The actress further revealed that she is not a fan of favourite fashion accessories. Speaking on if she has ever been a victim of getting a worse version of what she ordered.

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