I Lived a Privileged Life Till Mum Left Dad”: Actor Timini on Growing Up in Ojuelegba Trenches

Popular Nigerian actor Timini Egbuson recently gave fans an insight into his upbringing and how it influenced him translating his roles on screen The movie star opened up on how he used to live a life of luxury till his mother left his father and took him with her Timini details how he started living in the trenches of Ojuelegba after schooling in Greensprings

Popular Nigerian actor Timini Egbuson has opened up on how he went from being raised in a privileged background to living in the trenches of Ojuelegba with his mother.

The Breaded Life star, who was recently a guest on the Menisms Podcast, shared how the role he played in the movie was influenced by his real life experiences.

According to Timini, he was from a very privileged family, but everything changed when his mother left his father, and he had to go and live with her in Ojuelegba.

The film star explained how his mother came to pick him up from his primary school, Greensprings, and he was very pleased to see her, then she drove him to her house in the trenches.

Timini went on to reveal that he lived in the trenches for nine years, which was his most formative years, and it shaped the person he became. According to him, he only got to mingle with other cool kids in church because, at the time, they happened to attend a church with cool kids from different schools in Lagos, and they were all his friends, not knowing that he was going back to jumping buses on Monday.

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