From Comedian to Prophet: Woli Arole Speaks on His Transition, Shares Why Churches Invite Him

Woli Arole has finally opened up on his transition from an on-stage comedian to a prophet The content creator also disclosed reasons churches don’t have issues inviting him to their programs In another video, Woli Arole also reacted to the hardship and current economic downturn in Nigeria.

Content creator Bayegun Oluwatoyin, better known as Woli Arole, who recently made headlines over a video of him performing miracles at a church, has finally opened up on his call to ministry, among others.

In an interview on Monday on Channels Television’s The Morning Brief, Woli Arole spoke on why churches don’t have a problem inviting him to their programmes despite being a comedian.

According to Arole, churches invite him because he doesn’t overstep his boundaries, as he is sensitive enough to avoid certain jokes. Woli Arole speaks on transition from comedian to prophet The comedian asserted that many of his fans have found it difficult to accept his transition from being a comedian to being a prophet. “It’s been in me. It started by just praying for my friends, two, three friends. So, I switched on my phone, IG live and God spoke to me, ‘son the time is now’, so I started taking people to the mountain and all of that,” he said.

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