Dreamy Video As Moses Bliss’ Wife Walks Down Aisle With Dad: “This Marriage Has Truly Glorified God”

Moses Bliss’ wife, Marie Wiseborn, melted the hearts of fans and netizens with the stunning scenes of her walking down the aisle The sensational clip saw the moment when the kingdom bride was guided by her father, who was dressed in ravishing native Ghanaian attire Marie was adorned in her immaculate white wedding gown with a veil that covered her face as she held a pristine flower bouquet .

Nigerian gospel artist Moses Bliss and his bride, Marie Wiseborn, are currently in the final stages of their marital rites.

The couple, who have been shutting down social media since the news of their engagement, are celebrating their white wedding in Ghana.

A new video sighted by saw the moment Maire walked down the aisle with her father as the church ceremony commenced.

The kingdom bride looked glorious in her immaculate white dress and a veil covering her face as she held her pristine bouquet under the threadbare covering.

Her father, who took her by the arm to guide her through to meet her husband at the altar, was adorned in native Ghanaian attire. The beauty that filled the Moses’ eyes as he saw his wife walking down the aisle was obvious.


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