Dis One Na Helmet of Salvation: Lady Requests Beautiful Hairstyle, Gets a Less Finer Version

A lady has gotten funny reactions from netizens after she displayed the hairstyle she requested from her stylist and what she got In a video, the lady showed the neat ordered hairstyle which was parted forward to the forehead What the lady got showed some differences, it also looked less classy as the glue used to make the hair seem too much.

A lady got the attention of netizens after she complained about the hairstyle her stylist made for her.

In a video posted by @famousblogng on Instagram, the lady showed off the style she ordered which is a neat lace frontal wig. While displaying what she got, her hairstyle looked roughly done and gave off a funny look. The black glue was also obvious and it made the style appear less classier.

Some people noted that it was the placement that was badly done, while others jokingly told her that the styles were the same.

Reactions to the gotten hairstyle Several social media users have reacted to the hairstyle the lady ordered versus what she got.

It was reported that a Nigerian lady’s unique hairstyle captured the attention of passers-by and social media users who watched the clip. In a viral video, she sported an umbrella-inspired hairdo while walking at a marketplace and boarding a tricycle.


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