Church members welcome Apostle Amos Isah in grand style, netizens grumble

Church members welcome Apostle Amos Isah in grand style, netizens grumble.

The unconventional reception given to Apostle Amos Isah by members of the Prophetic Victory of Fire Ministry International church causes a buzz online.

In the video making rounds on the internet, congregants rushed towards their pastor, Apostle Amos Isah, as soon as he entered the church premises.

They promptly drop to their knees to welcome their spiritual leader, affectionately known as Daddy G.O.

The highlight of the video was the Apostle’s manner of placing his hands on the kneeling church members, a gesture that has stirred controversy among social media users.

The video suggests that it’s customary for every church attendee who encounters the pastor to kneel and receive his blessing.


Reactions as church members welcome Apostle Amos Isah in grand style

udochukwu_h stated, “They welcomed their Caro white cream ambassador”.


esther_nmesomachukwu reacted, “I’m not kne£ling for a man with such hairlin£🤡🤡🤡”.


brainmattaz said, “You respect pastor and disrespect your husband and you think you’re in the right path, you just dey waste your loyalty”.


iamdessymera opined, “They’re not kneeling to the man himself they kneel and honour the name his carrying Jesus..isaiah 49:23 Kings and queens will serve you and care for all your needs. They will bow to the earth before you and lick the dust from your feet. Then you will know that I am the LORD. Those who trust in me will never be put to shame. So don’t be quick to judge the servant of God for you’re not in the position to do so.”


cc_luxuryhairs noted, “If una no wan go church again make una kukuma open shrines in your homes😏 allow these pastors breathe”.ikaydardison said, “Na the slow motion dey vex me pass”.


holylambfilms wrote, “Pastor Dey knack the second woman , observe the special greeting ”.


bigpet__ stated, “Where’s daddy GO, bcoz the person wey me dey see like Enh … na Eye igun.”

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