Catholic Bishops in Nigeria Finally Reveal Stance on Pope’s Same-Sex Marriage Blessing

Nigerian Catholic clerics have disapproved of Pope Francis’s approval of same-sex marriage This development further causes acrimony and division in the Catholic hierarchy, mounting further pressure on the Vatican The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Nigeria (CBCN) said the decision at the Vatican was against the order of God and nature.

Nigerian Catholic Bishops have voiced their opposition to Pope Francis’ stance on blessing same-sex couples, suggesting it could imply Church approval of same-sex marriage. During the inaugural session of the 2024 First Plenary Assembly of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Nigeria (CBCN) in Abuja, President Most Rev. Lucius Iwejuru Ugorji highlighted that statements from the Holy See typically aim to strengthen unity and harmony regarding doctrine, morals, and liturgy.

However, the recent Fiducia Supplicans declaration deviated from this intent, causing discord and undermining the Church’s unity and universality.

We shouldn’t be conformed to this world”, says Nigerian Catholics The cleric emphasised that pastoral blessings for same-sex couples should not be given alongside civil union ceremonies, nor should they be connected to them in any way. He said such blessings must not include elements typical of a wedding, such as clothing, gestures, or specific words.

He pointed out that the document’s ambiguous wording led to varied reactions from Episcopal Conferences and individual Bishops worldwide, including acceptance, scepticism, and outright rejection. The document’s publication caused shock, outrage, and disbelief among the faithful in Nigeria, other parts of Africa, and globally. Many devout Catholics questioned how a Priest could bless same-sex couples in a permanent sinful union without causing confusion and scandal in their communities.

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